Canadian Beauty: Joe Fresh | Liquid Lipstcks 

I’m back! I know, it’s been about two weeks…an endless amount of time in our saturated society buuuuut, I was lazy. I also went on a weekend getaway to Tobermory, so I’ll be writing a blogpost about that soon! Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.

So often, we Canadians are jealous of our neighbours to the South due to their endless makeup choices, however, we I’m coming to realize that in some respects we can definitely hold our own! I’ve mentioned before how much I love products from Annabelle, and now I have another Canadian brand to speak to you about. Joe Fresh is a beauty from from Loblaw Cos Ltd., the company that also owns President’s Choice, and several other sub brands.

Today’s I’ll be talking about Joe Fresh’s liquid lipsticks. Unlike the majority of brands today, their liquid lipsticks do not feel like tar or cement on the lips. In fact, they are quite moisturizing due to the fact that they do not fully dry down. Yes, this does make them transfer onto items, however, because they stain the lips, none of the pigment is lost. Therefore no muss and no fuss.



Description: This is a vibrant, orange leaning red lip colour. It’s fully opaque in one swipe and lasts freaking forever. I’m talking about longeivity even through meals, and the stain lasts even longer after the initial shine and product wears off. I’d estimate in total about 10-12 hours. Additionally, the application is shaped well enough to offer a precise application without the need for a lip brush (as evidenced by the pictures above and below).




Description: This is a colour definitely out of my comfort zone! Unlike other descriptions online (and the box it comes in), this does not look like a coral on me. It is rather a warm, bubble gum pink. Honestly, the word that comes to mind is Barbie. I’ve paired it with a very colourful eye in the picture below, but I think I’m most comfortable wearing it with a pared down eye (just mascara and maybe a flick of eyeliner) in order to let this lip colour do the talking. It also brings out my summer tan! It has slightly less opacity than the red but nothing noticeable and once again, it is moisturizing, long lasting and leaves behind a pink stain.


Bonus Eyeshadow Look!

Not really a review, but when I purchased the lipsticks I also bought a Joe Fresh eyeshadow duo, and I must say I’m quite pleased with the results! It’s the majority of the eye look and the pop of darker purple is Urban from Urban Decay’s Electric Palette.


What are some products that you’d recommend from Joe Fresh? Of if you haven’t tried any from that brand – what Canadian beauty brands/products are you loving right now?


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