Makeup 101: Placement of Products

Let’s talk about makeup!

Shocker, I know.

Specifically, let’s talk about the placement of makeup products. After talking with my sister, I realized that I take for granted my knowledge of products and the placement of said products. Therefore, here’s my handy dandy list of products and where to put them.


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3 Hydrating Face Products | Origins, Clinique & Eucerin


I’ve blathered on for ages now about the fact that my face and body are severely dehydrated and dry. Consequently, I’m always looking for better and better products to alleviate the problem. Here I’ll be talking about three that I’ve been absolutely loving lately.

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Green for Spring Makeup

Sometimes winter can be dull and dreary, and rather than responding by wearing deep burgundy shades or smokey eyes, I feel like infusing my face with some colour. I mean, look at how happy I look. Who wouldn’t be, with a look that harkens to the warmth of spring?


Read on to see how I put together this look.

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The Abnormal Company | Deciem | Hylamide HA Blur & The Ordinary Serum

Everyone’s guidance was that “you can’t do 10 things at once”. We decided to do 10 things at once and called our craziness DECIEM, coming from decima, the latin word for 10 in a sequence. –Brandon Truaxe


My friend N first turned me on to Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company. It was only after a while that I realized that it is the same company that produces the Niod Protography Fluid – raved about by Wayne Goss!

In case this is the first you’ve heard of Deciem, I’ll let them introduce themselves.

“We started trading in 2013. Now we own and operate more than 10 brands in the beauty world. Some of these brands have already become leaders in their focused categories while some are still waiting impatiently to be born. We started with 1 product in 1 market. We now have a growing portfolio of more than 50 products in more than 15 markets.”

With all that being said, I had high expectations. Read on to see if the primer and serum delivered!

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Review: Pretty Honest & Pretty Iconic | Sali Hughes

I have been meaning to do a review on Pretty Honest for the past year, but now it’s definitely overdue as she’s brought out her second book, Pretty Iconic. Consequently, I will be combining the reviews.


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Makeover Monday

My cousin C doesn’t usually wear makeup, only on special occasions or her wedding day. Therefore I wanted to keep this makeup super light and natural, and just bring out her pretty bone structure and lovely eyes.


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Vintage Lipsticks? | Besame Cosmetics Chocolate Kiss


My mother has been harping on about finding her perfect lipstick for what seems like years now. When I saw Emily Noel post a lip swatch of this lipstick on her IG/Snap story, I instinctively knew I had found it!

Price: CAD 22.00 

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It’s the Modern Renaissance of Red Eyeshadow

In the past, I have been extremely wishy washy about this palette. As you can see from this post, I need another eyeshadow palette like I need a hole in the head. However, I bowed down to peer pressure and all the pretty looks on Instagram and felt like this could have a valuable spot in my collection. So I picked it up when it finally came back into stock!

Price: CAD 55.00

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Foundations that Didn’t Make the Cut

As you may have already seen on the blog, I’ve found a new foundation favourite – the Hourglass Hyaluronic Illusion Skin Tint! To read more about it, head on over to the blog post.

Now let’s talk about all the foundations I said no to along the way, and why. For reference, I’m about an NC37, or C5 in MAC F&B. I now wear Golden Tan in the Hourglass line.

Chanel VitaLumiere Aqua (40 Beige)

  • glowing skin
  • gorgeous texture
  • very lightweight
  • sheer to light-medium coverage
  • a tad too light for my skintone; terrible range of shades

Nars Sheer Glow (Barcelona)

  • satin finish
  • good colour match
  • great longevity
  • didn’t get shiny. The t-zone only showed some evidence of shine after 8 hours, and then quite a bit after 12+
  • was not as forgiving as the Hourglass foundation on dry patches and dehydration

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (6.5)

  • matte finish
  • would sometimes emphasize dryness and texture
  • fantastic longevity
  • develops a slight (minimal) sheen after 6 hours

Since I’ve never reviewed Mac’s Face & Body, I’ll add in a bonus review here because I’m clearly dissatisfied with it now which is why I’ve been on the hunt in the first place. That’s not to say it isn’t a good foundation. It’s still fantastic depending on the occasion, but it’s no longer a reliable everyday/season/occasion foundation for me because I now lean towards combo-dehydrated skin.

MAC Face & Body (C5)

  • lightweight
  • great sheer to medium coverage
  • photographs well (no spf)
  • fantastic on dry skin (particularly in the winter)
  • not the longest lasting foundation (on me)
  • a little too dewy/shiny
  • breaks down on the nose
  • runs quite yellow or pink, respectively; not a great selection for olive tones


Foundation Favourite: Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint (Golden Tan)

Dora the Explorer has got nothin’ on me when it comes to exploring the world of foundations suitable for dehydrated, olive toned skin. It is damned difficult! However, I think I have finally stumbled upon one that I love, thanks to an amazing Sephora employee. I hadn’t even heard of Hourglass’s Hyaluronic Skin tint until she brought it to me for a colour match.

Price: CAD 68.00 


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