Sugaring: the Good, the Bad & the Bumpy

Ahhh, to be blessed with thick, black hair. I mean, it’s fantastic on my scalp, but on other parts of my body, not so much!

In order to get rid of my vacation beard (🙈), I contemplated different options: tweezing, threading, waxing and sugaring. Tweezing would take…years. Threading does not get the pain over with fast enough, and wax pulls at the skin; I sure as hell do not want to encourage wrinkles. Consequently, I was left with sugaring. (Another reason is that a lot of waxes have honey in it, and my mom, sis and myself are allergic to honey the topical application of honey. Ingested, it’s delicious though.)

Sugaring is a natural hair-removal technique that dates back to 1900 BC. Unlike traditional waxing, sugaring uses a special paste made out sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste wraps around the hair, not the skin and is supposed to make it a more gentle (take this with a grain of salt) process and the hair grows back slower and softer.

The Good

My face is so freakin’ hairless, its’ ridiculous. Honestly, so damn soft. Sugaring itself is not a messy process, and there’s no bits of the paste that remain on the skin. If there is, it’s super easy to wash off with water. Additionally, it’s very hygienic, as each client gets their own ball of the paste. I’m definitely going to do this again, because I love the results.

The Bad

It is painful. Granted, I haven’t ever waxed or threaded my face (except the brows) before so maybe my tolerance isn’t high, but man oh man, it is painful. On the plus side, that sting dissipates quite quickly. I was quite red after the process, and my face was very warm due to the blood rushing there, but it wasn’t uncomfortable or unbearable.

The Bumpy

I made a mistake. I did not do my research, or use my brain to realize that my pores would be wide open after such a process. Therefore, when I put oil on my face to soothe the redness, it clogged my skin right up and I broke out with small little pimples borne out of a skin irritation. I admit, t’was my fault rather than anything else. To not repeat my mistake, if you get sugaring done, ice the hell out of your face, and then put pure aloe vera gel on top (no additives or colourants). Keep on with that process until your face is suitably calm.

The Aftermath

The bumps went away in a couple days (phew) and I haven’t had any residual effects like discolouration or scarring or anything like that. Sugaring usually is done every 4-5 weeks depending on how fast the hair grows back and then it usually tapers off over time as the hair follicle gets damaged. Next time I don’t be sugaring my cheeks or forehead though; I think it just over exfoliated and irritated my skin. Find a good practitioner and give it a shot!



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