Glitter Made Easy | Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss

I have a problem. A YouTube watching problem.

Speaking of being addicted to YT videos, when I saw Bailey B.’s eyes in this one, I was completely and utterly mesmerized. Turns out all that was on her lids was the Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss in Mermaid!

So guess what I’m going to talk about today? If you said that exact shade, then by gosh, you’re psychic.

Price: USD 24.00 (but I got it for half price on sale at Ulta)



As you can see, the Glazen Eye Glosses are a weird jelly texture; it’s soft enough that it’ll jiggle when pressed, but not so soft that it will fall out of the pot. It’s also incredibly pigmented; a tiny dab will do you. Additionally, the product dries very quickly on the lids, so no need to worry about creasing and all that nonsense. Mermaid is a fairly unique shade, it’s got a greenish-silvery base with blue and pewter reflects, of sorts. You can see it in action below!


All in all, I adore this product. This glistening, glittery shadow is going to feature heavily in my Christmas party looks! I even have my eye on the shade Bronze to try next. Definitely pick up a colour when it’s on sale – it’s much better value, as I do think it’s a bit pricey at USD 24.00 a pop, or see if there are any holiday gift sets available (like this one).


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