Blending Shadows for Brown/Tan Skin


A good eyeshadow situation consists of many small details coming together to form a full, cohesive, well blended look. Often the shadows discussed are the quarterbacks of the makeup game; the stars of the show, so to speak.

Today, let’s talk about some of the unsung heroes who work hard at pulling together a look. Of course, these shades obviously will have to vary if you have very pale skin, or very deep skin, but for those of you who, like me, are on the medium-tan spectrum, I think they will serve you very well!


Ok, can we talk about how the first picture looks like a giant boob?

…No, just me? Ok.

The first shadow has star placement because it’s my absolute favourite! NYX Blame it On Midnight is a very subtle step up from my skin tone, and the neutral/warm colour makes it perfect for any look.

Now on to the next three!

  • Karity Inod (review): slightly deeper than Blame it on Midnight
  • Morphe Spice (review): a very warm brown, deeper than the above two
  • Makeup Geek Chickadee (review): a unique dusty yellow

The final three are from ABH‘s Modern Renaissance palette, which I’ve reviewed here.

  • Raw Sienna: neutral/warm brown
  • Burnt Orange: warm, orangey brown
  • Golden Ochre: similar is colour depth as Blame it on Midnight, but cooler


I’ve previously compared these two here, but I’ll reiterate the fact that these are virtually dupes for one another (despite the fact they look different in these pictures).

  • Buon Fresco: dusty (rosy-leaning) purple
  • Makeup Geek Unexpected: dusty cool purple



  • Morphe Fiesta: don’t let this bright colour put you off. This is a sheer coral that’s perfect for bright makeup looks, or a warm, peachy, summer eye.



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