The Best Concealer for Instagram Pics?

I’m talking about Physicians Formula #InstaReady concealer of course. I’ve been running low on my ride or die combo of LA Girl Pro Conceal (Pure Beige) + Collection (#3) so I finally picked this up recently.


Let’s be real PF, the shade selection is crap. I bought the darkest shade, Medium 3 – yet it is still light and brightening for me. You need to come through for my darker complexioned, make-up loving ladies.

Price: CAD 13.97

Now let’s talk about whether or not this concealer stands up there with my HG (holy grail).


This is a cream consistency – not runny, but not super thick either – and it blends into the skin smoothly. Thankfully, the shade match is on point for my NC35(ish) skin, therefore when blended well, I can wear this concealer without foundation (as shown in the pics below).

I always like to get the bad things out of the way first, so let’s discuss the negatives and then move on the the positives.


  • the sponge (akin to a mini BB) that comes with the product is sort of crap. I mean, it’s usable, but it is nowhere near as soft as the BB or my dupe for it.
  • it’s difficult to pump out a certain amount (like half a pump), so product is wasted every single time because too much is dispensed.
  • the shade selection is terrible.
  • it can gather into fine lines and creases (if not properly pressed in and set immediately).


  • Medium 3 is a good shade – neither too yellow or pink – making it perfect for my neutral (leaning warm) olive skin.
  • Appropriately brightening, which means I cannot use it as a spot concealer for the face.
  • good pigmentation, about a heavy medium. For somebody with severe dark circles, this concealer will have to be used in conjunction with a corrector.
  • blends smoothly, dries down and stays fresh for a full day’s wear, once set with powder


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