You Need This Makeup Brush!


I never knew one could derive joy from the soft bristles of a brush, but apparently I can…I know, it’s as ridiculous to type as it is to read, but it’s true.

Price: USD 6.00

The ELF Pointed Powder Brush is a multi-tasker makeup lover’s dream. Ok, I’ll stop gushing over the damn thing already and tell you how I use it and what propelled it to HG status. I purchased this brush on a whim whilst browsing the ELF website, and it reminded me of the MAC 138 that Sharon Farrell always raves about. It’s not actually very similar (this brush head is larger), but they’re both tapered for multi-use ease, and they’re both exceedingly soft. The ELF brush has the added bonus of being hella cheap!

Although it’s titled a ‘powder brush’ I quickly came to realize that I actually liked it for a variety of uses. To be honest, I use it the least for setting powder.


Possible Uses

  • Powder: great under the eyes; super soft and doesn’t disturb foundation.
  • Bronzer: the broad side for an overall sweep, and the pointed end for a light contour.
  • Highlight: not my preferred use for this brush, but in a pinch (or while travelling), the pointy end will work. My favourite highlighter brush is the Inglot 4ss.
  • Blush: MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. I know, all caps are so cliche, but this brush has changed my blush game. From my normal, to my most pigmented blushes, the bristles of this brush diffuse the colour so effortlessly and make it look airbrushed. I am no longer scared of looking at a clown when I use bold, pigmented blushes. It’s freakin’ brilliant, and I’ve been singing its praises ever since.

If you want to better your blush game, or you want a brush that can do almost everything, I would highly recommend you pick this one up.


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