Estée Lauder Double Wear Light | Review on Dehydrated Skin

Geez, for somebody who doesn’t wear foundation everyday, I sure seem to be testing out quite a few! I know I said I found my HG foundation (linked here) but that was in the winter, and I am getting antsy to see if there is something better out there. So far, I’ve found this one to be equally as good.

Turns out there’s a third one I’m loving!

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation certainly took me by surprise. As a gal with dehydrated skin, I never thought the DW line was for me. However, after hearing Sharon Farrell talking about it an umpteen number of times, I decided to bite the bullet. Tldr; this foundation will be perfect for the hot summer months!

Colour Match 

Check out this post for a list of foundations that work for me.

3.0 is a hair too light for me – it makes me look a little flat to be honest, but I can warm it up with bronzers and such to make it work. I will be trying out 3.5, but I have a feeling that will be a bit too yellow. 3.0 is the perfect neutral shade, I just wish it was a tad deeper!

Edit: I have tried out 3.5 and I’m loving it! It’s actually the perfect shade for my skin right now. To see what it looks like, here’s a pic I’d posted on the ‘gram. 

Appearance & Longevity 


This foundation makes my face look soooo smoooooth. With a good medium coverage, it keeps the oil at bay like nothin’ else, and it actually looks better as the day goes on. DWL melts into the skin, and looks virtually identical 13 hours in as when it was first applied. Sometimes, if I go overboard on the powders (setting, blush, bronzer, etc), it can have an obviously powdery look, but a quick spritz of a spray (Hard Candy & Mario Bedescu are my faves) solves that problem instantaneously.

All in all, I love this foundation. This will be my new summer staple, I just know it.



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