Maple Sap on the Face?! Let’s Talk About May Coop’s Raw Sauce

Now you must be wondering, am I so Canadian that I also put maple syrup on my face?

Well, not quite.

I’ve gotten massively into my skincare this year (my friend N will say that I’m following in her footsteps 😜), so when I heard Stephanie Nicole raving about May Coop’s Raw Sauce,  I knew I had to try it for my self.

Price: CAD 18.00 (1.35 oz) | CAD 53.00 (5.07 oz) 


  • packed with nourishing botanical complexes, along with ingredients possessing antioxidant properties (neutralizing free radicals and supporting natural skin cell regeneration)
  • smooth, non-sticky texture that quickly absorbs into the skin (as maple tree sap particles are almost the exact same size as our bodily fluids (even smaller than water)
  • intensely hydrates and promotes a radiant complexion
  • preps skin to better absorb subsequent products, such as serums and moisturizers
  • this product is cruelty-free.

Having tried it for a few months now, I’m pleasantly surprised to say that it’s actually a welcome addition to my skincare routine and I will be repurchasing it once I finish it.

I don’t know if I can give you tangible results, as I do not have terribly problematic skin, however, I do have extremely dehydrated skin. This can cause an oily t-zone, flakey skin, dullness in the winter, etc. However, more than ever, my skin feels and looks plump & hydrated (with and without makeup). It’s even been commented upon! As the rest of my routine has not changed, I say that’s down to the Raw Sauce. It has helped to balance out my skin, and it assists in the efficacy of my other skincare products. Also, don’t be scared when looking at the ingredient list; alcohol is the second ingredient, however the first ingredient (sap) is 93% of the product! If you’ve never used an essence before, here’s where it goes in the order of things:

  1. Cleansed face 
  2. Toner  
  3. Essence
  4. Emulsion
  5. Serum 
  6. Moisturizer 

This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that any or most of these steps can be optional. Use products as you see fit (or as your skin needs them)!



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