Wooden Watches & Other Eco Friendly Finds! 


Yes, I am still alive!

My semester is now over, and I finally know what ‘free time’ means. Well, basically it means that I have a sh*t tonne of posts to write but that’s my idea of a good time.

Now back to a post I wrote a while back but never properly finished.

I must have had my head stuck in the sand all these years, but I actually didn’t know the Green Living Show was a thing until I was invited to attend this year. I’m glad my eyes were opened though as there were many interesting vendors in all categories: beauty, food, furniture, automotive, etc.


The Green Living Show is North America’s largest consumer show dedicated to simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It is put together by Green Living Enterprises, Canada’s leading cause-marketing agency focused on social and environmental program development.

There were so many unique and innovative vendors, but here are just a few that caught my eye…and my wallet.

Saint Cosmetics (@saintcosmetics)

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This company is Canadian, like most at the Green Living Show, and creates plant based makeup that is non-toxic, gluten and cruelty free. The pigmentation on the eyeshadows was okay, but the lipsticks swatched very creamily. There is a lack of foundation shades (undertones, etc), but I am sure they will continue to improve and grow.

Jennifer Rong Designs (@rongdesigns)

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Jennifer’s designs took my breath away. As you can see, they are so unique – delicate, but grounded in their earthiness, having been made out of wood. Along with jewelry, she also sells coasters and other larger pieces made out of wood.

G Fox & Co (@gfoxco)

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This baby is mine! I’ve been lusting after a wooden watch every since Sharon Farrell said how much she loved hers (and I love everything Sharon loves, it seems). I had my eye on this one but with the Canadian dollar being so crappy, I could never swallow the CAD 375.00 price tag. Just looking at it makes me gag.

However, I completely fell in love with this (bamboo) watch, despite it not being my favoured colour scheme or what I had envisioned. It is so unique – from the ombre, green hued watch-strap (which flatters my olive skin), to the rope carving around the watch face, and then to the small details such as oars for watch-hands. The woods are sourced from British Columbia, but the watch is assembled in Ontario. It is a family company and it is evident that they take pride in crafting their watches thoughtfully.

Food, Fashion & Other Fun Stuff

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There were amazing other vendors, from the most delicious snacks (you have to try Rawnata and Hungry Buddha) to cool indoor gardens and silk fashions. I was definitely very pleasantly surprised at the array of vendors and I’ll definitely be going back next year!



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