How to Cope in Grad School

I need a nap.

Between school, work and more work, I am perpetually tired. Overwhelmed, even. However, I have developed some coping strategies that I try to stick to…most of the time. I do slip and wallow in my stress once in a while, but that isn’t always healthy, so here goes:

  1. Make a list: whether a daily to-do list or weekly, write down all the items you have to do and break them down into do-able chunks. This makes major tasks seem less overwhelming. I usually use my Notes app or write it in my journal (LINK HERE)
    1. Ex. Monday: write 2 pages (of the 10 page paper)
  2. Take breaks: get up, rest your eyes from your computer or textbooks and get a little activity in.
    1. drink water
    2. watch a Youtube video, or an episode of a show while eating a meal (give your brain a break)
  3. Sleep: take 20min power naps if you are in dire need of sleep; it’ll help ward off headaches.
  4. Eat: try and eat healthy, whether through pre-planning meals, or getting lots of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day. And whatever you do, don’t forget breakfast!
  5. Pamper: if you ever have an evening’s break – feel free to totally veg out! Right now I’m marathoning Murdoch Mysteries like you wouldn’t believe. A face-mask usually joins me on these pampering nights in.
  6. Confide: in friends, supervisors, family, etc. Let people know when you’re having a hard time. I was having difficulty with handling the volume of assignments and didn’t talk to my supervisor(s) when I should have due to fear of what they would say, but it turns out they were nothing but massively supportive!
  7. Get out: do not neglect your friends. Socialize, if you can, because you’ll be surprised how much their company will revitalize you.

And most importantly….remember that the semester is almost over and we’ll soon be done with this academic hell!

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