Missed Me? A Quick Update! 

Oh, hello there. Is it March already? I’ve just been enveloped by a deep fog caused by school, work and even more work! Granted, I did have a reading week respite in February but I hightailed it off to Ottawa for a chance to let my brain get some rest. I walked a crap ton, realized how out of shape I am and ate a whole bunch of junk food. It was damn good fun. I also watched 50 Shades Darker (no plot but mighty amusing because of its terrible content). It was practically an unwitting comedy! Here’s a little glimpse into what else I got up to in Ottawa…


Finally ate at Sweet Jesus (soft serve with the most delicious toppings; it was so damn good) 

What’re some other things I’ve done this month? Oh you know, other than panic and stress out every other day about school? I went to the light festival at Toronto’s distillery district:


I also played around with some makeup – this time not my own, but rather my friend B’s, who wanted to learn how to better utilize the stuff she’s got. This makeover wasn’t perfect but it was a great opportunity to learn how to put makeup on a face other than my own.

I’ve got so much good content coming your way, I promise. Just let me push through this month and then I’ll be back and better than ever!


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