Makeup 101: Placement of Products

Let’s talk about makeup!

Shocker, I know.

Specifically, let’s talk about the placement of makeup products. After talking with my sister, I realized that I take for granted my knowledge of products and the placement of said products. Therefore, here’s my handy dandy list of products and where to put them.



  1. Moisturizer & Primer
    • I always moisturize prior to makeup application (cream, not oil, but do whatever floats your boat). Let it sink it and then prime if you need to (to fill in pores or for oil control, etc) and then commence with the base products.
  2. Corrector
    • Peach or bisque (pink) depending on the colour of your dark circles or pigmentation.
    • Thinly applied only where the pigmented areas are (layers are key to not looking cakey).
  3. Foundation (make sure to match your neck and beware of undertones – yellow, pink, neutral and olive, or a combo) 
  4. Concealer
    • The order of foundation, corrector and concealer can be interchanged but this is the way I do it.
    • Ideally your skin tone or a shade lighter to provide dimension to your face. Applied in almost a triangular pattern under the eyes. One can also use concealer to highlight the bride of the node, middle of the forehead and chin. 
  5. Colour Products
    • Bronzer: applied in a 3 shape (top of forehead, cheeks and jawline where the sun would hit) 
    • Blush: apples or higher up on the cheek
    •  Contour: sculpt the cheekbones (in the very hollow when you make a fishy face)
    •  Highlight: tops of the cheekbones (not further in than the pupil of your eye), Cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, inner corner/tearduct of the eyes 
    • Apply any or all of those if you like
  6. Setting Powder and/or finishing spray


  1. Primer
  2. Colour Products


  1. Lip Balm (apply at the very beginning when putting on base products to let it soak in, and then wipe away when applying the lip product) 
  2. Lip Product

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