Green for Spring Makeup

Sometimes winter can be dull and dreary, and rather than responding by wearing deep burgundy shades or smokey eyes, I feel like infusing my face with some colour. I mean, look at how happy I look. Who wouldn’t be, with a look that harkens to the warmth of spring?


Read on to see how I put together this look.

I’ll be linking to the individual product reviews wherever I can.

*optional steps


  • NYX Blame it on Midnight, Karity Inod, Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear (lightest to deepest blending crease shades)
  • Zoeva Rusty Steel from the Mixed Metals palette (add warmth and a sheen into the crease)*
  • MUFE d316 (inner corner/tearduct)
  • Makeup Geek Liquid Gold pigment (inner third)
  • Inglot 33 (middle lid)
  • Inglot 418 (outer third)
  • Topshop U-Turn (blended on top of the area where Liquid Gold and Inglot 33 meet)
  • Makeup Geek Corrupt (outer v)
  • Mug Shimmermint (blended in crease above Liquid Gold and Inglot 33)*
  • Lower lash-line: Pixi Beauty Endless Silky Eye Pencils (now in SDM in Canada!)
    • Sage Gold (inner half)
    • Emerald Gold (outer half)
    • Copper Glow (lower waterline)
    • Black (upper waterline and upper lash-line)
  • Collection Glam Crystal Le Freak (upper lash-line for a pop of sparkle)*
  • Mascara: Smashbox X-rated






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