Review: Pretty Honest & Pretty Iconic | Sali Hughes

I have been meaning to do a review on Pretty Honest for the past year, but now it’s definitely overdue as she’s brought out her second book, Pretty Iconic. Consequently, I will be combining the reviews.


Pretty Honest


This is definitely a beauty bible, written for the lover of makeup and the written word. It is intelligent, not frivolous, and Sali discusses everything from skin type to waxing, how to pose for a photo to aging gracefully. This is not a how-to on applying makeup, rather it delves into the nitty gritty and the highly interesting. In fact, I finally realized why I have such dehydrated skin – it’s because I have a skin condition that she shares!

I consider this book to be a staple for young and old, with varying levels of beauty acumen. Even if one wasn’t a makeup fiend, it discusses skincare, allergies, new-mum care, etc. so there is something valuable for everybody.

If you have watched any of Sali’s ‘In the Bathroom‘ series, you will see that Sali writes the way she speaks – in an honest, engaging and humorous manner.

I can harp on and on about how much I love this book – it is meaty, full of interesting content and it is well thought out in the sense that I can go back and pick up helpful tidbits if needed.

Pretty Iconic 


I had high expectations for this book considering how much I loved her first one. Let me tell you – Sali more than lived up to these expectations! I absolutely love this book. Each page or two is dedicated to a different iconic item – from Vaseline to Guerlain Meteorites – so it is very easy to pick up this book whenever you have a few minutes of time and read it on the go.

Unfortunately for my wallet, I started a list as I was reading so now I have a wish-list at least 50 items long. Uh oh, well, at least I’ll never be confused about what to gift myself 🙂

I love these two books equally because they are so utterly different. They are standalone written works of art, but they really excel when paired together.


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