Foundation Favourite: Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint (Golden Tan)

Dora the Explorer has got nothin’ on me when it comes to exploring the world of foundations suitable for dehydrated, olive toned skin. It is damned difficult! However, I think I have finally stumbled upon one that I love, thanks to an amazing Sephora employee. I hadn’t even heard of Hourglass’s Hyaluronic Skin tint until she brought it to me for a colour match.

Price: CAD 68.00 


Read on for more details on wear time and close up pictures of the skin. 

Skin Background

Up until now I have been using MAC’s Face & Body in C5, making me about an NC37 I’d say. I’ve also got neutral to olive undertones, so anything predominantly yellow or pink looks quite sickly on me. Although I’ve been blessed with clear skin, it is severely dehydrated so often foundations look cakey and exacerbate dry patches.

I’ll be talking about all the other foundations that did not work for me and why  in another blogpost but in the meantime, enjoy this review! (Edit: here it is)

Wear Test

  • 12:15pm application
  • 2:30pm powdered all over with NYX selfie powder
  • 10:15pm blotted as there was a slight sheen in the t-zone
  • 1:00am still decent at 13+ hours


Makeup Details


Overall Thoughts

  • sits exceedingly well on the skin, but exfoliating is key
  • slightly more visible on the skin from a close distance, but not from a normal viewing distance – just healthy, glowing skin
  • looks even better after being on the face for a little while
  • minimal to no flashback, despite having an SPF15
  • perfect colour match for my skin right now; with a tan I’d have to go a shade up or mix with a darker foundation
  • does not oxidize
  • excellent longevity and does not feel drying (with proper skincare)
  • I prefer a light dusting of powder to take down some of the glow (I use my Ambient Lighting Edit palette) in the t-zone
  • less is definitely more, a smidgen of product goes a long way
  • can transfer (onto white collars, etc) so be careful and set if need be



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