Custom Lipsticks | Bite Beauty Lip Lab Toronto

Meet Butter and 28.


My pretty little custom lipsticks from the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Toronto. I was gifted this experience by a couple of my friends for my birthday and finally had the time to go in and get it done.

It was absolutely fantastic! My colour consultant Chris was solely focused on me and I did not feel rushed whatsoever. The whole process took about an hour or slightly longer. Watch it below:



No appointment was needed; we walked in and were seen in about 10 minutes. Granted it was in the middle of a week but I thought that was excellent response time for the Christmas season. There are about 3-4 colour consultants, keeping the ambience of the lab fairly quiet and luxurious. To aid in that feeling, customers can purchase a glass of wine for $7 to sip on as they create their lipsticks.


  • A la carte: lipsticks created from 200 colour pigments
    • 1 for $55
    • 2 for $85 (what I did) 
  • Custom: 2 totally custom lipsticks (with engraving- I’m guessing the Bite Beauty logo) plus their lip care kit for $150

I had Chris make 3-4 colour iterations of each shade before I decided on my winners and he was totally on board with that. I also took several of my lipsticks in the same colour families as that colours I was creating, just to make sure I didn’t accidentally create the same colour. It’s great that I did because I almost created a dupe for Mac Chili in my quest for a burnt pumpkin lipstick.

I also asked Chris a few questions, so here they are, along with his answers (paraphrased, not verbatim):

  • Q: What’s the most unique shade you’ve had requested
    • A: A Tiffany blue, but slightly more greyed out 
  • Q: Does it irritate you when customers are picky about a shade (in reference to my own pickiness)?
    • A: No, I actually prefer it when customers have an idea or even a specific shade of what they want to create rather than being quite vague
  • Q: Do you ever get bored with customers creating the same neutral colours?
    • A: I love this job, and even if the colour families are similar, they are customized to each person’s skin tone.

The Packaging


The whole experience, from start to finish felt really special. This includes the way the lipsticks were packaged. Due to the holiday season, my lipsticks were encased in the limited edition matte tube with glossy lips as opposed to the regular matte tubes. How adorable are they? The tubes were then wrapped up in the little box as you can see above and put into a little Bite Beauty gift bag with the same lipstick printed tissue paper.

Butter (L)

  • peachy-pink neutral; looks different in different lighting
  • luminous creme finish
  • moisturizing and almost balmy feeling
  • gorgeous sheen

28 (R)

  • deep orange (burnt pumpkin)
  • matte finish
  • neither hydrating nor drying
  • long lasting


If you couldn’t tell already, I effing loved the Bite Beauty Lip Lab. I would do it again in a heartbeat! However, due to the price, it is definitely a special occasion kind of treat (at least for me). Take your mom, sister, or significant-other there, they will thank you for it. It’s a great bonding activity with friends as well, or for a bride creating a bespoke lipstick for her special day. Whatever your reason, if you’re a makeup lover, at some point stop by the lab and create your very own lipstick.


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