Essence Pure Nude Highlight (Brown/Tan Skin)

Five-hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes…actually, I’m not sure how many minutes it’s been, but its been almost a month since my last post here and for that I can only say whoops!

What, did you expect me to apologize? School’s been kicking my ass, people.

In that time however, I did turn a year older – good ol’ 23 – and I’m one step closer to proper adulthood. So far, it feels pretty great, and by that I mean exactly the same as 22. But on a more serious note, I cannot believe how many of the things I wished would happen, have actually happened. For instance, my travels, choosing the right post-grad for me, etc. This time last year, I was so very confused, and now I am so thankful that the fog has cleared up.

One other thing that happened is that I finally got my hands on the new Essence Pure Nude Highlight! It has almost reached cult status because of its purported gorgeous natural sheen.

Price: CAD 5.49


Let’s see if it lived up to the hype!

The first time I swatched, my heart gave a little flutter ’cause it was smooth like a fine whiskey. (Although I hate whiskey, but I like the analogy). 


It’s a neutral peach colour; very flattering on most skin tones I’d say, unless one was very pale. For us brown ladies, it is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot detect it on the skin even if I look closely and from a normal distance it just beautifully lights up the face.

It is sorta similar in colour to Becca Opal, but Opal is a touch more golden and definitely more sparkly. On me, I prefer this highlight because: 1. I do not need to “glow to the gods” as every YTer might say and; 2: I hate sparkling in the sun – I’m not a goddamned vampire, ya know?

Furthermore, this is virtually impossible to overdo. I’ve even tried on multiple layers to see if it caked up, but it blended out seamlessly.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love the darned thing. If you even had the slightest inkling of wanting it, I would take the plunge. Have you tried it and if so, what d’you think?

Are there any other inexpensive highlighters you’d recommend?


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