My Wishlist 3

Every once in a while I put out a wishlist either to talk myself into or out of certain products. I am trying to be cognizant of the amount of sheer “stuff” I have therefore I am now more careful about getting sucked into the hype.

You can find my past lists here and here, and see whether I ended up picking up any of the items!

A Foundation

  • It is so difficult to find a foundation in my freaking skin colour! I am blessed with neutral olive skin, which means most foundation are either too pink or too yellow on me. Particularly drugstore foundations, meaning I have to turn to more expensive brands. Gee, now isn’t that lovely? If you have any recommendations, let me know. 

In Ear Headphones

  • Commuting to school has made me realize how gosh darned loud public transportation can be, and my Apple EarPods just aren’t cutting it anymore. I didn’t want to get bulky headphones, so I think I’ve stuck onto the idea of a Senheiser in-ear pair. 

Smashbox Out Loud Liquid Lipstick 

  • Thanks to Shoppers Drug Mart’s amazing Optimum points + student discount, I will be getting this the next time I head it, and for a very good price too! So it won’t be on my wishlist for much longer. 
  • …although, I might make a lipstick of this shade at the Bite Beauty lip, lab. Shall we wait and see?


  • Ottlite 2-in-1 LED Floor/Desk Lamp 
    • Basically, this is a ring light on a budget, or at least I hope so. I need a desk lamp, and I’ve been eyeing one on Amazon  but I also want to up my lighting game (in case I want to film makeup videos etc). Since I don’t want to shill out the money for both, I’m hoping that this will serve well for both purposes, along with providing lighting for flatlays, etc.

Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes

  • I voraciously read her first book, Pretty Honest, and absolutely loved it. It was smart, chock full of information and humourous to boot. I’d recommend it to anybody in a heartbeat. Now that she’s come out with a second, it’s rocketed to the top of my reading list. 



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