3 Must-Have Brushes for Hooded Eyes


Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush

  • Natural hair bristles
  • Honestly, just go get this brush. Do yourself a favour and buy it. It’s perfect for precise placement and blending, particularly in the outer-v. It creates a natural (or unnatural, depending on what I’m going for) crease on the hood of my eye

ELF Crease Brush

  • Synthetic bristles
  • Smaller than a regular blending brush which makes it optimal for precise blending on hooded eyes
  • So darn soft yet multipurpose because in a pinch, shadow can be applied onto the lid and tear duct area with this brush as well

Zoeva 225 Luxe Eye Blender

  • Natural hair bristles
  • Domed shape that’s perfect for blending out cream products. It’s my preferred brush to use in conjunction with my favourite eyeshadow sticks
  • Blends out the lower lashline well; soft enough to not irritate the delicate skin 



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