A Spongy Situation | Beauty Sponge Review

I go back and forth between brushes and sponges but I am quite in love with beauty sponges at the moment. It has made applying base products exciting again…well, as exciting as foundation can be anyway.


Let’s see which ones rated the highest!

Beauty Blender (CAD 28.00): For the longest time, I did not believe the hype. I mean, how could a $28 sponge be worth it? This is the newest sponge of the bunch to me but oh my gosh, did I ever fall in love. I bought it last year at IMATS, and only opened it this month. It differs from every other sponge because of its sheer cloud-like softness – even while dry. When wet, it blends out foundation so quickly (just don’t use foundations that are too liquid-y, else it will soak it right up). I have used this sponge for: foundation, concealer, cream contour and even baking and I’ve been very pleased in all regards.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (USD 6.00): this sponge is a great inexpensive alternative to the BB. Now it is not as squishy as the BB so I find it more difficult to use to blend out concealer. It works exceedingly well for foundation though and it is almost as fast at blending out. The Miracle Complexion Sponge is the one I recommend to all who don’t want to shell out (and rightfully so) for the BB. You can’t really go wrong with it.

W7 Power Puff (5,95): well, let’s cut to the chase. This is craptastic. I mean it is hard when dry and not much softer when wet. It felt like I was punching myself in the face with a baby’s fist when trying to blend out anything with this sponge. Please go with the RT sponge instead!


W7 Mini Power Puff (5,95): This is a pretty spot on dupe for the mini BBs (CAD 28.00)! I wasn’t willing to fork over money for those, particularly when there wasn’t a pressing need for them in my beauty routine, but when I saw Siobhan from Letzmakeup raving about them I had to pick up a set…or 3. Thankfully, it was worth it! These are about as soft as my original BB – they pass the squish test – and they blend out concealer very well. If you’re in Ireland or can get ’em online, pick up a pair and try it out!

Are there any other less known beauty sponges that I should try?



3 thoughts on “A Spongy Situation | Beauty Sponge Review

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tell me I can order the Real Techniques sponge online please?! Also your blog is the perfect balance of fun and fact-filled
    A true fangirl ❤


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