Sleep Mask Smackdown | Sephora Rose Mask vs. Laneige Water Mask

How many times can I blather on about having dehydrated skin? About a hundred times (here, here and here and here) but who’s counting, right?

Short story time: I went to SDM (Shopper’s Drug Mart for you non-Canadians) and the lovely lady checked my water/hydration levels and came up with a reading of 24. The normal is 40. She almost expired with shock as I am as bone dry as the desert. Makes for a fun time in the dry winters, let me tell ya. Moisturizing becomes my second job!

Anyways, I digress. The topic on hand is what I do to replenish the moisture in my skin. In addition to serums and moisturizers, I do like to treat my face a couple times a week to a lovely sleeping mask. Here are my thoughts on my most recent ones:

Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask (CAD 5.00 0.27 oz)

  • there is enough product in the package for 2 applications
  • thin gel consistency
  • a warm, almost burning sensation upon application. Difficult to explain but not unpleasant
  • in the morning, my skin was left feeling hydrated and soft
  • I washed off the excess with water and applied a very light layer of moisture
  • no adverse side effects such as over night breakouts etc.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (CAD 30.00 2.7 oz)

  • gel consistency (slightly wetter than the Sephora mask)
  • slight cooling sensation upon application but that dissipates almost immediately
  • feels very hydrating (face as smooth as a baby’s bottom, people)
  • more residue remaining the next morning that also needs to be washed off
  • no issues with skin after using this mask
  • if used in conjunction with the serum, it is an almighty combo = love

Basically, I love both of them, but I love the Laneige mask a teensy bit more. The Sephora mask is perfect for those that mask once in a while and the Laneige mask is for those, like myself, who have incorporated masking into their weekly (or multiple times a week) routine.

What are your favourite overnight masks? I would love some suggestions!


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