FOTD: Step by Step Tutorial ft. UD Electric Palette

I wore this look (inspired by @doyouevenblend) the other day, and it proved to be quite popular, both in person and online. I felt so damn pretty in it and that’s such an awesome feeling!

So, I’ve broken down the look for you hear. It’s not a step by step pictorial, but I hope my words can paint the picture for you.


  • Eyes
    • Urban Decay Electric Palette
    • Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette
    • Stilazzi Single Eyeshadows
    • Karity Inod
    • Covergirl Red Flamed Out Jumbo Pencil
    • NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk and single matte eyeshadow Blame it On Midnight
    • Pixi Beauty Black Silky Eye Pen
    • Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara
  • Lips


  1. Apply a primer. I used Milani’s Eye Primer.
  2. Take a skin tone shade (NYX Blame it On Midnight) and apply it above the crease, nearing the browbone.
  3. Apply a warm, slightly deeper skin tone shade (Karity Inod) just below that. This will help with blending the bright colours together later.
  4. Sweep UD Jilted into and above the crease.
  5. Apply Urban in the outer-v on the lid, crease and outer lower lashline. Make sure your eyes are open while doing this if you have hooded eyes. You may have to apply it above the crease to get it to show (like I did).
  6. On the ball of the eyelid, apply a red cream base.
  7. Pat UD Slowburn on top of that.
  8. Apply NYX Milk on the inner corner/tearduct area and pat Stilazzi Yellow gently into place.
  9. Gently blend Slowburn and the Yellow shade with Stilazzi Orange. Do not over blend – the gradient is very important to the beauty of this look.
  10. On the lower lashline, next to the Yellow, pat UD Thrash.
  11. Next to it blend UD Freak.
  12. Then Morphe Aloha.
  13. Blended into that is KVD Hyperballad on the middle section of the lower lashline.
  14. A mixture of KVD Dark Wave and Black Metal on the outer lower lashline.
  15. Pixi Beauty black eyeliner on the upper and lower waterlines and blended out on the lower lashline.
  16. Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara applied liberally to the upper and lower lashes.


Good golly, that’s a freakin’ huge amount of steps! I hope that hasn’t put you off from trying out the look. If you do recreate it, do tag me in a picture on IG or tweet me.


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