Australis Makeup Haul & Thoughts | Velourlips & Metallix 

If there was a way for me to try all the makeup in the world, I certainly would. As it is, I’m making my way, country by country when I can! You must’ve seen my  European makeup posts (but if not, you can find them here and here and here). Today I’ll be talking about the Australian brand Australis Cosmetics. I got my hands on these products through my lovely cousin visiting Canada – so yay for family all over the world!

Velourlips (AUS 10.49)

These remind me a lot of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in consistency, however they are significantly longer lasting. You will need to touch up after a heavy meal, but considering they are not overly drying (and that they come in cool colours), I think it’s a fair trade off.

Shang-HiA deep berry pink with a purplish hue. I got this colour hoping it would dupe the more expensive (and often sold out) KVD Bauhau5 and for all intents and purposes, it does. The only difference is that Bauhau5 is a true raspberry shade while Shang-Hi has the aforementioned slightest tinge of purple. Tl’dr: if you have one, you don’t “need” the other.

Bar-Tha-LonaLooks can be deceiving. When doing my research, this looked like a hot, reddish pink (as it does in the tube). On me, however, it’s a straight up bright and bold orangey red. Very pretty and perfect for summer!

Em-ruled City (LE): a deep emerald/evergreen shade. It is a smidgen sheerer than the other two, but nothing noticeable. For an unusual shade, it is relatively wearable. To prove that, I have worn it out in public (going antiquing of all things), and I got so many compliments! People surprise me sometimes with how awesome they view ‘unusual’ makeup (and that makes me happy).

Metallix Eyeshadows (AUD 9.49)

Fantastic eyeshadows, particularly for the plus point. The consistency is that of a mousse-cream. The best way to deposit this onto the eyelid is using the fingers because that gives the most pigmented application. However, a flat stiff brush will do in a pinch. I recommend using these with a primer and over a shadow otherwise they do tend to crease eventually (at least on me). Thankfully, there is no fallout and they maintain the metallic shine all day with the prior precautions.

Guns & Rose Petals 

A very soft pale pink, but it looks almost white when reflected due to the pastel and shiny nature of this colour. Slightly chunkier than the rest, but not a big deal. Great as a highlight (ball of the lid or tearduct).

Gold Gaga

So pretty, and so very wearable! This is pure shine, no glitter, etc. I love using this over a bronze or coppery (powder) base and it really makes it pop.

Jay Zed

This is a great shade for brown eyes and the consistency of it is smooth with gold glitter reflects. Particularly flattering in a green smokey eye.  

This is my least used shade, not because it isn’t good but because it’s just darker than the rest! Don’t let the darkness deceive you though, it’s more multifaceted than simply being grey. It has a hint of a purple undertone, which once again is great for brown or even green eyes. I like using this shade when going out (so think deeper, smokier looks).

All in all, I’d highly recommend these products from Australis. Just remember, sign up for their newsletter and get 25% off your first purchase with the code they give you!


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