Bite Beauty ‘Brioche’ Multistick | Multipurpose Makeup

Ever since I saw the teaser on Bite Beauty’s Instagram page, I have been lusting after the new Multisticks.

Price: CAD 28.00


Let’s see if it lived up to my expectations!

This is an interesting formula because it contains 35% powder, in order to have it apply well on all 3 fronts – eyes, lips and cheeks.

Brioche is a beautiful rosewood nude. In indoor lighting it has slightly mauve undertones while outdoors it reads as more peachy. It is particularly flattering as a nude lipstick for those with tan/brown skins. Think Mac’s Velvet Teddy but slightly deeper and eons more flattering.

Look #1

  • Brioche set on the eyes with a Stilazzi eyeshadow MS47
  • Reverse ombre on the lips using Jordana lip liner in Tawny



I fear that I have a mixed review as I was quite disappointed in its longevity in all 3 aspects the first time I wore it. However, I didn’t consider that to be a true test, therefore I tested it again and these are my thoughts as to how it fares overall:

Eyes: without a primer this multistick is crease central! Not even a few minute did it last. With a primer, the shadow stayed in place slightly longer – about 3 hours. However, the beautiful deep rose colour faded the longer I wore it (and became browner). It’s a shade that is really beautiful on brown eyes which is why I was quite disappointed in the outcome.

Cheeks: gorgeous natural flush. Once again however, it’s as if the skin eats up the product. It simply did not last. I must say it does blend out beautifully though, both with a brush and with the fingers.

Lips: have I mentioned it’s a beautiful colour? Maybe one or ten times in this post already but it’s basically a nuder version of my lips naturally. It feels like a regular cream lipstick and it does not suffer from the change in formula (as opposed to their regular lipsticks). It is not drying either. However, the moment you eat something it pulls a Lord Luton. Aka magically disappears from the lips never to be seen again. Giving it the benefit of the doubt though, this factor might be due to the colour.

Look #2





L: 6 hr wear (so faded) | R: Brioche reapplied

Overall Thoughts

I really wanted to love this lipstick you know? So it pains me to say that this does not do anything that my other products can’t. Yes, having 3-in-1 product is hella convenient but for me, on my skin type (extremely dehydrated with an oily t-zone) the longevity was not that impressive. Not worth the money so sadly I shall be returning this. I might pick up another colour one day in the future to see how that fares, but for now I hope this review has helped you make an informed decision!



Top-Bottom: BB Brioche, Mac Velvet Teddy, UD Stark Naked, UD Naked, SK Roseberry  

If you’d like to pick one up for yourself it is available on now and in stores tomorrow, August 20th.


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