Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 | UD Naked 2 Palette Dupe 


Unlike every other beauty addict and their mother, I do not own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes.


I know! How on earth did I manage that feat, right? Well basically, I gravitate towards brighter colours. Recently however; I have been tempted, but didn’t want to spend the ridiculous amount of CAD 66.00 for ’em so I “splurged” on this instead.

Makeup Revolution’s Iconic 2 palette is a dupe of Naked 2. It’s on the neutral to cool spectrum and has some beautiful shades.


As you can see, all of these shades, barring the first cream matte, are pigmented. They do not kick up much fall out and they blend and stay well on the eyes (over my Milani primer).

There are 12 shades:

  • 3 mattes (from lacking pigmented to strongly pigmented)
  • 7 satin eyeshadows
  • 2 metallic shades

One can achieve a variety of looks with this palette, and I’ve showcased one option below. From an almost nude to complete smokey eye, this palette can do a lot for £3.99!



I’m glad I spend this meager amount on this palette as it is good quality. However, it also showed me that I prefer much warmer shades, meaning I don’t get much use out of this palette. But I didn’t waste money on it so it’s a win-win!


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