Kiko Haul Pt. 1 | Water Eyeshadows 208, 200, 229

I’m amazed I managed to narrow down my purchase and just pick up three of these. All the Kiko Water Eyeshadows are freakin’ stunning. They look, feel and apply like very high-end makeup (ahem, Nars Dual Intensity, I’m looking at you).

These can be applied wet or dry, however I usually apply them dry as they are pigmented enough for maximum impact (plus I’m lazy af and can’t be bothered to wet my brush). For a spotlight on the lid, I prefer patting them on with a finger, however a flat eyeshadow brush works just as well.

The shadow doesn’t kick up a lot of product, not does it have any fallout (if one is careful with how the brush is loaded). As you can tell by now, I’m pretty keen on ’em.

Price: €8.90

208 (pale golden wheat)

This is a gorgeous, no fuss, no muss colour. Perfect for the lid, inner corner highlighting, or (and this is the reason I purchased it) as a facial highlight. I wasn’t amenable to spending USD 26.00 on Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey, but I wanted that gorgeousness, so I purchased this (pretty much spot on) dupe. Honestly, it’s beautiful on tan skin. A light tap of my Inglot 4ss brush and I’m good to go so be careful, only a light hand is needed!

200 (pinky champagne)


I hemmed and hawwed over this shadow because, let’s be real, it’s not a particularly unique colour. However, Kiko has done this eyeshadow so well that it is stunning. It is far prettier than most/any other champagne shade I own as it is metallic with faint glitter particles to catch the light. 200 is utterly lovely – just throw this on the lid, a warm brown in the crease, and you’re good to go. 

200 is the spotlight shade on the lid; everything else is MUR Iconic 2

229 (metallic silver-grey)


Ahh, the picture above makes my monochrome loving heart skip a beat. This is a beautiful mid-tone silver which has glitter particles (but no fall out). It really makes my brown-eyes pop. 


  • very pigmented, wet and dry
  • some have shimmer/glitter particles
  • little to no fallout (if used carefully)
  • no fading throughout the wear (over a primer)
  • multipurpose – can be used as highlighters

208, 200, 229 (finger swatches; 1 swipe)

Have you tried the water eyeshadows? If so, what are your thoughts and favourite colours?



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