Trending: Black Lipstick ft. NYX Alien

The NYX liquid lipsticks are a love it or hate it product in the blogosphere due to people’s preference for a completely matte liquid lipstick. However, as you may remember from my review of the shade Vintage, I am quite fond of the formula because it is long-lasting and very comfortable to wear, despite the fact that it does transfer. Alien is a stunning, and non traditional colour and I am in love with it.

Price: CAD 10.00

With a paddle-foot applicator, getting a precise line is fairly easy, which is particularly important with a black colour. Furthermore, the formula is opaque and goes on smoothly with one swipe. After a while, it does tend to separate in the lip lines (so the skin peeks through) but a quick smack of the lips fixes that (it’s it is only noticeable from a very very close range). This formula and colour takes about 2 minutes to mattify and then it is fairly transfer resistant. The colour also holds up well after a meal. All in all, I’m glad I picked it up as it is a very wearable, opaque black!

Oh, before I end this review, another plus point is that the colour (if it fades) fades, rather than flakes or crumbles like some liquid lipsticks would be prone to. Therefore reapplication is also a breeze.

Are you on board with the black (or otherwise ‘unwearable’) lipstick trend? What’s your fancy – blue, purple, yellow? Do tell!


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