Meeting Anastasia Beverly Hills |  Ashton & Craft Review 

Sometimes living near a large Sephora has its perks. On this particular day, the perk happened to be getting the chance to meet Anastasia Soares, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Prior to her arrival, Sephora and the ABH team were offereng free 20 minute makeovers for either eyes & brows or face & contouring. I was made over by Brianna Bisson, who was so sweet and lovely and went the extra mile by not only doing my eyes and brows but contouring and highlighting (and finishing off my face) as well. I felt truly pampered! The makeup was different to how I’d usually wear it so it was an interesting change (and I adored the highlight but have no practical need for the glow kit so couldn’t justify buying it).

There was some confusion as to how much you had to spend in order to meet Anastasia. Some said any product, others said $75. I didn’t appreciate the confusion but there’s not much j can do about it now. Either way, I spent $75 and received, tbh, a very rinky-dinky pouch with a couple things in that weren’t worth the money (mirror, teeny-weeny micro-mini brow pencil, etc). I will say though, with every purchase of an ABH product (no matter the amount), they threw in a brow gel, which was great.

Anyways, I finally ended up meeting Anastasia and she was definitely sweeter than I expected. One nice thing is that she greeted all those that she met with her unwavering attention – not like she was in a hurry and this was a chore, which I appreciated. (Also, killer cobalt stilettos, hello).

Along with taking a couple pics, she autographed two liquid lipsticks – one for me and one for my friend N who couldn’t be there that day. She purchased Craft, and I’ll be swatching it below for you as well.

The shade I purchased was one of her new releases, Ashton. It’s quite a surprising shade as it definitely dries darker than it looks in the tube.

Price: CAD 26.00


As you can see below, Ashton is a mid-tone brown; quite an appropriate deep nude shade for brown or tan skins. This was my first time trying the ABH liquid lipstick formula and I found it to be liquidy, similar to Coloured Raine’s formula rather than the mousse texture of Stila. It was lightly drying (at about 4 hours) and then got progressively more so as the day wore on. It never got to a truly uncomfortable level though, and it was probably more drying on me than most because I have very dehydrated skin. Nevertheless, my favourite LLs still are from Stila and KVD.


The same as above applies for Craft, in regards to wear time and feeling on me. The colour is spectacular, and an exact dupe for Stila’s Aria, which I love and adore! For dehydrated lips, that mousse formula is more forgiving and comfortable. However,  you can truly do no wrong with either.

L: Ashton; R: Craft


L: compared to KVD Lolita II (much more orange/terracotta); R: compared to Stila’s Aria (total dupe)

Craft vs. Aria



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