Anti-Haul: Don’t Buy More Makeup

First of all, let me say that this is totally not my idea. In the wonderful world of YouTube, I stumbled upon an anti-haul (why you shouldn’t buy totally hyped products) by the drag artist Kimberly Clark. This series is just what I needed because she talks about being a smart consumer and not letting the price of something affect how valuable you think it is. For instance, the idea that something is better just because it is more expensive. Please go and watch all the videos in that series – it’s just fascinating. I’ve linked one below to get you started.

Let me preface this by saying that I am on vacation and therefore probably going to be doing some makeup shopping, but ya know what, it’s stuff I can’t access all the time, so that’s how I’m justifying it.

What I cannot justify however are:

Anastasia BH Glow Kits

  • Good lord, I’ve only got one face, how much highlight do I need? Or any non makeup-artist in general. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful colours, but not all shades are going to look awesome on the skin, and you are never, ever going to hit pan on one shade, let alone 4.

Too Faced Peach Palette

  • I was so down to get on board with this palette. Truly, I was even excited because I love me some warm, peachy colours. However, there is only one (maybe 2) shades that fit this descriptor. Other than that…boooooring. You probably have similar, and better.

New Mac Releases

  • Mac is a wonderful company, but it seems like everybody and their mother has a special limited edition line coming out with Mac. It is no longer special, and their limited edition products annoy me to no end due to the hype. Especially if the product ends up being truly amazing and then they bring it out…never again.

Those are a couple things I’ll be avoiding; what is on your anti-haul list?


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