Karity Eyeshadows | MAC Eyeshadow Dupes

Ever since Mac lowered their prices, I’ve wanted to get some eyeshadows. However, I’m also thrifty when I need to be so when I saw these Mac eyeshadow dupes, I jumped on them! They swatch exactly as their real counterparts and apply beautifully to the eye.

Price: USD 4.50 (use coupon code NIKKIE for 15% off, as I did)

Shipping is also free to Canada which is a big plus. I have heard rumours that these are the same as Morphe/Crown Brush eyeshadows as well, so do some research for yourself about that, I’m not really sure.

These are the eyeshadows I purchased, along with the names of the mac shadows they are duping in parentheses.

Inod (soft brown): a neutral-warm brown that is the perfect crease/transition shade for my skin tone

Shrile (all that glitters): a warm peachy colour with a lovely sheen

Moonshine (nylon): a stark, bright, yellow-tinged shade, perfect for highlighting the tear-duct area


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