Morphe Single Eyeshadows | Review

I am so tardy on this review, it is not even funny. Morphe is such a hot topic, from the brushes to the positively orgasmic eyeshadow palettes (at least going by the hype in the blogosphere), this brand has got everybody in a tizzy. I had the opportunity to buy a few things at last years IMATS in Toronto, and I can say I’m quite pleased with my purchase! For this post I’ll be going over the eyeshadows.

Price: USD 2.29

Fiesta (coral)

  • The picture makes it look more orange than it really is; it is truly a coral (warm pink) sorta shade. Beautiful for a sunset look or a transition colour.

Aloha (aqua)

  • A bright, yet pastel aqua that is beautiful for a pop of colour or on the lower lashline as I’ve used it in today’s look.

Spice (warm tan)

  • I feel like I’m just repeating my descriptions 😛 This is a step deeper than Makeup Geek’s Chickadee, so it is a very yellowy warm tan.

Dark Night (glittery black)

  • Let’s be real, I’ve never actually used this shadow. It is a gorgeous black (with silver shimmery sparkles) and if I ever get around to doing a black smokey eye, I will certainly use it. In the mean time however…

In the look below, I have Fiesta on the lid, Spice in the crease to blend things out, and Aloha on the lower lashline (with ColourPop’s Zulu in the waterline). I’ve also lightly patted Dark Night on my black winged liner.

Lips: Nars Rikugien

These are vibrant enough to work on their own but Fiesta and Aloha perform especially well on top of a cream shadow. The colour just pops! If you’ve tried any Morphe shadows, let me know what you think.

P.S. If you’re in for some interesting viewing, watch Stephanie Nicole’s video on Morphe (and how it just buys private label from Crown). It is certainly very fascinating because she is one knowledgeable lady and it is an eye-opener. Here‘s a Reddit post that accompanies.



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