NEW from Hard Candy | Hydrating Primer Mist & Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colour

Come to think of it, these are actually my first makeup products from Hard Candy. They’re a cruelty free brand found at Walmart that I haven’t had the chance to explore previously (edit: lies, all lies. I just remembered I bought a lip stain last year).

Today I’ll be discussing my first impressions of their Hydrating Primer Mist and Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colour. I was totally sucked into these products by EmilyNoel83 and I don’t think she steered me wrong.

Hydrating Primer Mist

This is an oil, silicone and alcohol free must that promises 12 hour hydration. I don’t know about 12 hours but it felt very pleasant and refreshing on the skin and it was a nice accompaniment to my regular moisturizing routine. As for its priming abilities – I found it to have none in terms of extending the longevity of my foundation. Now let’s talk about the scent. It is a mix of yummy coconut and yucky chemicals so it may or may not float your boat but thankfully that dissipates very quickly.

Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colour Cherry Blossom 


First of all, the packaging is absolutely divine! The lipstick comes in a tin packaging with a hinged lid and a beautiful watercolour design on it. All the different colours have corresponding watercolour designs to set them apart. One nice thing about the tin is that it has a very useful mirror, and even if you don’t keep the lip product in there, it would be a very useful on-the-go tin to store stuff in.

Cherry Blossom is a lovely mid-tone rosy pink. It is very flattering and serves to perk up the skin. The product goes on smoothly and opaque and the slim paddle applicator makes it easy to get a precise lip line. It smells chemically vanilla but it is certainly not a displeasing scent, and you can’t taste it on the lips. At first it does feel like there’s something on the lips (unlike my KVD or Stila lipsticks) but after 10 minutes or so the feeling dissipates. Anyways, back to the finish- after a minute or two the finish dries down to a demi matte and remains that way. It barely transfers onto things and it survived virtually unscathed (no touch up needed at all) through a proper dinner of some fabulous rice & curry. The longer I had the lip colour on, the better my lips looked in fact; the best way I can describe it is thus: plush velvety softness.


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