ColourPop Gel Liner + Nillionaire Review 

Everybody and their mother must know about ColourPop by now (or at least it seems that way due to the hype they get in the blogosphere). I finally managed to make an order (ridiculous Canadian shipping fees notwithstanding).

I’ve had the chance to try out all the products (all at once that too, so I’m giving myself a pat on the back), and I am very pleased!

Nillionaire (USD 5.00)

This is a gorgeous, multi faceted (somewhat violet) glitter suspended in a bronze base. Absolutely stunning and pictures do not do it justice, trust me. It’s neither warm nor cool and it just seems to work on both simple and dramatic looks. I know that was a pretty useless description but just believe me when I say it’s hella pretty.

Creme Gel Liners (USD 6.00) 

  • Punch: a neutral-warm sunshine yellow
  • Puppy: a true bright orange
  • Zulu: pastel mint green
  • Prance: periwinkle blue

These Creme gel liners are gorgeous. But they’re not perfect. They’re nicely pigmented but they’re of a slightly stiffer consistency. This makes them last longer, particularly in the waterline but it also makes them trickier to use. The magical Duraline (by Inglot) solved this problem (by making them creamy) and made them go on like a dream.

Edited the eyes for fun (only in my dreams is that colour real!)

I tested both Nillionaire and all the Creme gel liners out in the look below and the look stayed intact for over 10 hours prior to me washing it off. The glitter stayed vibrant, didn’t crease or cause fall out and the liners were as bright after 10 hours as they were at 2 (including in the waterline)! Colour me very impressed.

It’s a very simple, albeit time-consuming look. I’ll break it down for ya:

  • Nillionaire on the lid, with Chickadee in the crease and Slowburn in the outer crease
  • The top liner is Punch, Puppy and Ben Nye’s Red cake liner
  • Lower lash line is Zulu and Prance
  • Sonia Kashuk’s Poppy Nude on the lips
  • The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou Manizer to highlight allll over

A little note about Canadian shipping. I split the order with 2 other friends so the cost of shipping was mitigated, but it did take over 3 weeks to arrive, just as an FYI.

Have you tried any ColourPop and if so, what are your thoughts and favourites?




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