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Hello there, and welcome to Bookaholic Beauty! If you’re already a reader of this blog, thank you very much for coming back. I’m participating in a Blogging 101 course on WordPress and one of the assignments is to write a post that pushes me as a blogger. I’ve accepted that challenge and am going to write an opinion piece on lip injections and fillers. Do share your thoughts on this subject matter in the comments below, as I love a healthy discussion.

Instagram is an amazing and wonderful platform in which people can find others with similar passions and share their own work, whether it be pictures/videos of travel, fashion, art or makeup. However, in the cosmetics industry, it has also cultivated a certain beauty ‘look’. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about – the heavily contoured, ‘brows on fleek’ (oh, how I hate that word), pouty look.

It is the lips that I have the most concern with (currently). I’m all for people owning their bodies, and doing as they please with it, whether it is altering it through exercise or through surgery in order to better their confidence. However, there is an appropriate age to commence these procedures, and a limit at which to stop. There are some popular beauty ‘gurus’ that have tried lip fillers and they look amazing (such as Tati Westbrook and Sharon Farrell). These two women are full fledged adults in their early 30s and late 20s respectively, and they kept their lips looking natural, but just a bit fuller, and it did not look incongruous on their face.  Then….there are those that take it a little too far.

How often have you seen a once stunning celebrity ruin their looks through the pursuit of perfection? I can name a few, who I’m sure are all lovely ladies and actresses, but who have taken unwise step over the invisible line: Lisa Rinna, Lara Flynn Boyle, Priscilla Presley come to mind. These women turned to plastic surgery to hold back the process of aging, but Instagram has young women, some even teenagers, turning to injectables and fillers in the pursuit of the unattainable – the filtered, Photoshopped look.


Before | After

Take Kylie Jenner for instance. Before reaching the age of majority, she felt the need to ‘fix’ her face. It makes me sad because one’s appearance changes as they grow and I’ve never seen a 25 year old look the same as when they were 17. She didn’t give herself a chance to grow into her beauty…and due to her fame, she is unwittingly setting an unhealthy example for others. Kylie has a line of lip products out, but very few people can mimic her look of ultra pillowy lips naturally. To be honest, they are much too puffy for her face, however they showcase lip products very well. This has an effect on young women who just see a picture and do not know how that look came to be, and then they too turn to doctors to help them get the look. This started happening when Kylie did not admit to the lip fillers and rather falsely said it was lipliners that helped her achieve those lips. Makeup can do many things, but it cannot perform miracles like that.

The only reason that I worry, is because I too get sucked in by the hoopla sometimes and get tempted by the idea. Instagram shows us that fuller lips are the only ones that are beautiful – the ones with the perfect cupid’s bow and no lip lines. Some young YouTubers that I love and admire have already gone down that route of plumping up their lips, such as Samantha from Batalash Beauty and  NikkiTutorials (whose lips are starting to look a bit too puffy as well). Seeing that ‘perfection’ very often serves to alter one’s notion of what is normal.





But whenever that temptation arises, I remind myself that my lips are totally natural and beautiful for my face and that I should not compare myself to a picture that is a result of stellar makeup, lighting, sometimes Photoshopping and/or medical help. I just wish more young women realized that too, and that they do not need to change themselves. However, if after a lot of thought they still wished to do so, they should do it with all due care and consideration, and keep the procedure in proportion with the rest of their face/body.

A couple questions for ya:

  • Would you ever get fillers or some other body enhancing procedure done?
  • Do you feel these standards of beauty are too exacting, or do you think this is just another phase (such as the teeny-tiny waists of the ’50s)?

4 thoughts on “Trending: Lip Injections

  1. Claudia Sava says:

    Such a good post,which describes an actual problem of our society.I am a young lady,at 17 years old,but I never felt the need to pretend I’m someone else or even think about changing my appearance in any way.I guess that it takes a lot of substance from who you really are if you accept to please other people instead of you.You are all that matter and in their search of “perfection” and “real happiness”,they truly forget what happiness really means.
    For me,beauty means exactly who you are because your flaws make you stand out and be special.


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