Lolita 1 & Lolita 2 | Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

Hello you, and welcome back to the blog! Or if you’re new, please have a look around and make yourself at home.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favourite liquid lipsticks. To be fair, I do not have many as I have very dehydrated lips and skin so they tend to make me look like a dried out fig most of the time. However, this, and the Stila liquid lipsticks are quite the exception (plus I now moisturize the hell out of my lips before wearing a liquid lipstick).

Price: CAD 24.00 (full size)

Lolita I is a cult favourite – practically a religion in itself when it comes to lip products. People were all in an uproar over the OG, 2nd batch, bad batch, blah blah blah. I have no idea which one I’ve got, but its the newest formula/colour, if that helps. As promised, it is a dusty, mauve-y nude shade and I love it.

Lolita II on the other hand, is brand spanking new. It was released in the mini duo holiday collection and now it has just been unveiled in full size on and This, by far, is my favourite muted terracotta colour. It is pure perfection for those who like warmer, peachier nudes (and it is ideal for us brown ladies). It is almost the liquid lipstick version of my favourite lipliner – Make Up Forever’s 9c. This is my new go-to colour and it perks up my and makes me feel awesome.     

Overview: both lip colours are amazing; the colours are superb (one cool and one warm) and they do not make my lips look or feel like the Sahara. In fact, I barely notice them. Prior to application, I prep my lips with Nuxe Reve de Miel and I’m set for the whole day. The KVD liquid lipsticks have stellar longevity and perform well even through a meal or two. However, if you do need to reapply, they don’t look cakey or crumble up in any way. All in all, two thumbs up.


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