Lipstick Compliments! 

I’ll keep this short and sweet. These are two stories where the lipsticks made me very happy that day. Isn’t it just the best feeling?

The Little Red Lipstick 

During Christmastime, it seemed like I wore Stila’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Fiery practically every other day! One day, a lady came in and complimented profusely me on the colour, etc. That made me very pleased…but what was even better was the fact that the next time she came in, she told me she’d bought it because of me and how it looked! To be fair, it is an amazing colour no matter who wears it.

The Bold and the Blurple

As much as I like wearing colourful, ‘out there’ makeup, I rarely wear it looks like that out in public places. However, I thought, what the hell, let’s try wearing OCC’s Technopagan to work. I kept the rest of my makeup and outfit simple and let the lips be the focal point. To my utter surprise and delight, people loved it! I had older folk, young mums and even coworkers complimenting me on the unusual colour. Seriously, it’s such a wonderful feeling when somebody appreciates a good lipstick.

Anyways, I thought I’d just share that because these two instances made me very happy and I like to document things for posterity. It also shows me that I should take more risks and get out of my comfort zone a bit more!


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