Beauty Emergency: Fixing Broken Makeup

Oh, it pains me to write this. My life slowed down, my makeup memories flashed before my eyes, as I watched Becca’s Opal pop open in my hands, sail across the room and clatter to the floor, shattering into pieces.

Now there is good news and there is bad news. The bad is that I broke my new, beautiful and pristine Becca Opal highlighter. The good news is that it only shattered into 2 large pieces (and some crumbly bits). Additionally, I get to show you how to fix makeup disasters such as this one! This technique is all over the Internet but I feel that you can never have enough confirmation that your makeup will be fine after a mishap like this one.

Products Required 

  • 70% Isoprophyl Alcohol
  • Spatula (or flattening tool of some sort such as a spoon)
  • Napkin
  • Weight (such as a coin)

1. Pour alcohol into the product and gently press and smooth with the spatula. Add to your discretion but keep in mind, the more you add, the longer it takes to dry.

2. Take a weight the size of the product and wrap it in a napkin (or cloth with/out a pattern) and gently press down on the product to get rid of any bumps or air bubbles. I used a mini Nivea cream wrapped in a thick tissue paper.

3. Marvel at your stupendous DIY abilities and pat yourself on the back for a job well done and money not wasted!

If you want to see how the original looked (and compare the two), check out the pictures and my original review here.

Hope you liked this Beauty 911 – call Dr.Subita to the rescue every time 😀


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