Stila Liquid Lipsticks | Eternally Yours Set 

Woohoo! Happy December! ‘Tis the season to be jolly…and once in a while, shop (not that I need an excuse)!

I always thought I was an eyeshadow fanatic but now when I look at my ridiculous makeup stash…I think I have to face the fact that I’m a lipstick junkie! I’m just a sucker for a good colour (or various tones of the same shade!). I hadn’t intended on buying any more until I saw this set.

Price: CAD 51.00

The colour selection in this set is perfect as all but one of the shades worked on my Indian (olive) skin tone. Caramello, the shade that doesn’t work on me is a good mixer but I just can’t be bothered most days.

For somebody who has not tried any of the Stila Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, this set is great value for money as each of the full-size tubes retails for CAD 31.00.

Unfortunately, it seems like everybody and their mother realized this too as it is sold out everywhere (as per the date of this posting). However it might come back in stock so keep an eye out! Now let’s get to the breakdown of the shades.


  • Terrible shade for brown skin
  • Too pale – causes the concealer lip look
  • If gloss is worn over it, it creases and breaks down (the gloss is Rimmel’s Snog)


Top: 6:30 pm | Bottom: Midnight

  • Neutral mauve pink
  • Worn from 6:30pm – midnight
  • Better with a lip liner (Jordana’s Tawny) to add some definition
  • Great longevity
  • I prefer the tone of KVD’s Lolita (but they’re quite different colours (see the comparison at the end of this post)
  • Lolita is a dusty browned rose while patina is a paler mauve pink


Top: 1:30 pm | Bottom: 11 pm

  • Freaking gorgeous colour!! So very beautiful. A deep berry (maybe similar to Rimmel 107?)
  • Worn from (1:30 – 11pm)
  • Fantastic lasting power
  • Got many compliments on this colour
  • Doesn’t need a lip liner but it pairs well with Avon #


Top: freshly applied | Bottom: end of the night

  • Beautiful vibrant blue based purple! So fresh.
  • Great longevity, as with the other shades but I did not wear it as long as I did the others. It lasted through dinner virtually unscathed.


Top: one coat | Middle: two coats | Bottom: end of the night

  • Beautiful deep purple
  • More difficult to wear – a lip brush is absolutely necessary to get proper precision, otherwise it looks messy
  • Takes slightly longer to dry
  • One coat should be sufficient but two amps up/darkens the colour
  • 2 coats feel perfectly fine on the lips (not thick)
  • Pairs excellently with Sleek’s eu la la liner in Molasses 317/Cocoa 327 and I prefer it with a liner


Top: 3 pm | Bottom: 11:30 pm (with MUG Liquid Gold border)

  • Perfect true red
  • Wore from 3pm – 11:30pm
  • Ate a lunch wrap and the colour transferred onto the food, but it surprisingly did not smear on the face. Only slight fading in the inner portion of the lips. Retouch was not necessary, but I did it to add back the crispness.
  • Lasted through dinner very  well
  • By the end of the night it was slightly faded and the lip line wasn’t as precise but no major damage.
  • Only slightly drying at the end of the night

Lolita vs. Patina 

Overall Thoughts

  • Dry to the touch (fingers) but if lips are pressed together they cling slightly (but no transfer)
  • In comp to the liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D: those are completely dry – to touch and  when the lips are pressed together
  • Paddle style brush is easy to work with (except for the darkest colour). It is flexible enough to curve around the contours of the lips
  • Don’t deposit product too far into the inner rim of the lips (it’ll gunk up/get on the teeth)
  • One dip of the brush into the bottle is enough for a full application
  • Scent is quite sweet. Not my favourite but once it’s on the lips it disappears
  • Absolute IN LOVE with this whole set. No regrets whatsoever about purchasing it!

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