Mac Velvet Teddy (on Brown/Tan Skin) 

I’m finally doing a review on Mac’s Teddy lipstick, the first Mac lipstick to come into my possession!

Price: CAD 20.00

This took a roundabout route to me. A friend’s husband gifted it to her (not knowing it would be too light for her skin tone), so she then passed it onto me (unused). So thoughtful of her.

The swatch is showing it a bit more brown than it really looks on my skin. The lip swatch below does more justice to the accuracy of the colour. Velvet Teddy is a pale rose with a hint of brown. Done properly, it can be a beautiful nude lipstick for somebody with my skin tone (NC40ish). I like it paired best with flawless skin and a simple or smokey eye. If you think it is looking a bit flat, a touch of gloss (my fave being NYX’s Praline butter gloss) will do the trick to liven it up.

The drawback to this lipstick is that it is quite difficult to wear. One’s lips have to be in pristine shape otherwise it makes them look awful and there needs to be enough colour in the cheeks to not look dead. However, overall it is quite a nice nudest of nude pinks for brown/tan/Indian skin tones.

This review was a mixed bag at best, I know, but long story short is that I like this lipstick depending on what makeup I’m wearing and how complementary it is to the rest of my look.


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