Ambient Lighting Palette Edit | Honest Review | Hourglass

I have flip-flopped on buying this palette so many times. If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you’ll know that this was on my wishlist but then I changed my mind and took it off my wishlist due to the newfound knowledge of its size.

Then one day, I was browsing the aisles of Sephora and got absolutely sucked into the purchase after a beauty consultant demonstrated its effects by using all the powders on my face at once. Sooooo…I made my wallet cry and bought it. (If you’re a Sephora VIB, it might be a good time to buy this now – at least the price will be slightly more palatable!)

Price: CAD 95.00 (wahhhh, plus tax!)


The 6 powders are housed in a beautiful rosy-gunmetal palette with a strong clasp. Beware though, the surface is shiny and loves fingerprints.

Size/Value for Money

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. I cannot even justify it because the total amount of powder is not equivalent to one single, full ambient powder. This would have  been better priced at maybe CAD 65.00-70.00. If you already have one or two of your favourite ambient products, or you know that only one or two things from the palette would appeal to you, you’d be better off buying them individually. However, as I have never owned or tried an ambient product, this was a (relatively) good way for me to do so, particularly because 4 of the shades really appealed to me and that would have been much too expensive individually.

The pans are small, but not so small that I cannot fit a brush comfortably within. Furthermore, I think the amount of powder will last me quite a long time because the 3 colour products are quite pigmented, and with the ambient powder, a little goes a long way.


  • Dim Light: peachy neutral. All over the face
  • Iridescent Strobe Light: shimmery highlight.
  • Diffused Light: yellow toned and brightening. Under the eyes + t-zone
  • Mood Exposure: dusty pink/plum blush
  • Luminous Flush: peachy-pink blush
  • Luminous Bronze Light: warm bronzer with a slight sheen


I’ve used the palette on myself and my sister and I think I’m quite in love! On me, it actually provides some oil control and the blushes last freaking forever. On my birthday, I applied my makeup at 6:30 am and it lasted amazingly well until I removed it at past midnight. The only things I changed about my makeup for my birthday dinner was the lipstick and I added some eyeshadow. The pictures below are proof that these powders add an extra special ‘oomph’ to the skin. They are not needed, by any means, but if you want to treat yourself to a slice of luxury, this is a good way to do so.

This was taken around 8pm – check out that glow and that blush! Still on my cheeks after so many hours. My lipstick is Bite Beauty’s Palomino.

All I’ve used on my sister’s skin is Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer and LA Girl Pro Conceal in medium beige to cover her under eye circles, MUFE liner in 9c on the lips and the Ambient Edit palette all over the face.

What are your thoughts on Hourglass’s line of Ambient products?


6 thoughts on “Ambient Lighting Palette Edit | Honest Review | Hourglass

  1. sritheartist says:

    OUUU, I have been postponing buying any of the ambient light powders because I was nervous about how it would show up on my skin tone… plus the price point
    *shudders* Now I think I need to have someone at Sephora put it on me to make sure…


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