Marc Jacobs Oh Miley Lip Creme

Listen up ladies, if you haven’t already – check out the Beauty section of Winners and Marshalls. You can get some great deals! For instance I got this Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Oh Miley  for $13 less than it is sold at Sephora. 

Price: CAD 23.00 

This is a vibrant red with very cool tones in it, so on my olive skin it tends to look quite pink. It is fully opaque in one swipe, although the shape of the bullet is not conducive to the most precise of applications so be sure to shape them with a lip liner/lip brush.

Long story short, although the the colour was lovely, for the price I paid, I expected it to work miracles and it did not. It was comfortable to wear throughout the day but the fading (in comparison to my Bite Beauty lipsticks) was not uneven.  The photo taken below was after many hours of wear (and eating and drinking) and it has clearly faded from everywhere but the perimeter of my lips. On other occasions it also tended to move outside my lip line slightly, due to the creamy texture. 

I liked the lipstick, but did not love it, however if Marc Jacobs or this colour are your thing, give it a go and maybe you’ll have a more pleasing experience!

Ps. One thing I really loved was the luxurious feeling magnetic closure – so satisfying!


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