NARS Himalia | Dual Intensity Eyeshadow

I’m feelin’ 22! ‘Twas my birthday last week and I was quite the spoiled little duck. My dear friends got me the loveliest gifts, this eyeshadow being one of them.

Price: CAD 36.00

It’s a dual intensity eyeshadow meaning that it can be worn both wet or dry, if one so chooses.  


Nars describes it as a topaz colour. I would put it more simply as being a cool toned brown with shimmer sparkles. It is metallic but not high-shine frost (even when wet). This can be a positive or negative depending on what you prefer! Keeping it simple – it is a gorgeous neutral eyeshadow particularly for my medium-olive skin tone.

It has good pigmentation when dry and wetting it only makes it slightly more metallic on first application (rather than layering the dry eyeshadow on).

Dupe Alert 

I practically cried when my friends gave this to me. Little did I know it was so similar to an eyeshadow I already have! I’d say it’s about 90% similar to Makeup Forever’s D562.

L: Himalia; R: MUFE D562

The only difference between the two is that Himalia is a ever so slightly mauve toned while MUFE is a hair warmer and has a more visible sparkle. Other than that – same colour. Both are equally gorgeous though.


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