NYX Liquid Suede | Vintage + SQUARE ONE LOCATION!

Guess what came in the maaaiiiillll? NYX’s Vintage. I mean, if you hadn’t guessed by the title I’d be a little worried! I bought this online at Unified Cosmetics.

Before I get to the review, let me talk about Unified Cosmetics for a bit. They are an online retailer, and “every purchase made helps provide an autistic child with ABA Therapy and other needed treatments” I actually bought The Balm Cosmetics In the Balm of Your Hand palette and threw this in because I couldn’t resist. The price was good (even when converted to our crappy Canadian dollar) and as a first time shopper when I signed up to their newsletter I got 20% off.

My package took about 15 days to arrive, which was quite a long time but apparently that was because there was an issue on their side. Normally, the shipping is supposed to be quicker. I didn’t mind because they informed customers over social media. Both the palette and Vintage came in one bright pink mailing envelope, but they were individually wrapped in bubble wrap – keeping ’em safe! Colour me impressed.

Price: US 6.99

I love the packaging – the long paddle-shaped applicator allows for quite precise application and it deposits a good amount of product to coat the lips.

At first swatch this colour was a lot darker on me than I’d expected or seen online. However it quickly grew on me and I can now see it being one of my favourites for this fall and winter. I’d describe it as a dark, dusky, cool mauve-plum colour. Did I confuse you enough by that?

Now onto the review!

Eye and face makeup using In The Balm of Your Hand palette!

This Liquid Suede, as the name implies is a mousse-y, velvety texture that does not fully dry down upon first application. However, it goes on opaque in one swipe but if you want to add more layers, it does not bunch up. This product loses its shine about 20 minutes into the wear time, but it still transfers onto products. Nevertheless, there is no colour lost on the lips.

Quite a lot of colour remains on the lips, both through eating and drinking and it leaves a slight stain behind. The picture below was taken after 10+ hours of wearing (with no touch ups). I have dehydrated skin and dry lips, but I put a lip balm on prior to application and it did not dry my lips out the whole time I wore it!

Overall, NYX’s Liquid Suedes are a perfect compromise for those who want to partake in the matte, liquid lip trend, but prefer a more hydrating product.

In other news, NYX has opened its first ever store in Canada – in Square One! It is so close to me and I am so very happy.

What I was not happy with however, was the looooong-ass line-up to get into the store (over 2 hours long) and the fact that the meet and greets were running way behind schedule. Consequently, due to dinner plans, I did not make it in to see the products, but I will be visiting the store on another day soon. After all, I’ve gotta stake out new makeup territory!


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