NEW Rimmel Oh My Gloss | Snog

I was traipsing around the aisles of Walmart as I am wont to do when all of a sudden I glimpsed a new product amongst the aisles (my my, this is sounding positively poetic/romantic). Since I’m one who bucks trends at times, I decided to temporarily throw off the shackles of the matte lip trend and go glossy with the Rimmel Oh My Gloss lip gloss in Snog. It claims to be moisturizing and long lasting (6 hours) because it contains argan oil and Vitamin E.

Price: CAD 7.48

Product Description & Performance 

My lips are naturally a pale pink so this gloss just livens them up and makes them a heck of a lot shinier and juicier whilst also being quite moisturizing. It is not an opaque gloss by any means, therefore it is quite a useful lipstick topper. Snog is a medium toned peachy pink gloss with visible flecks of gold for some extra sparkle. Once the gloss has worn away, the sparkles remain, but not in an uncomfortable gritty way. Rather, they are quite finely milled. The lasting power of this gloss is about 3ish hours (without eating and minimal drinking) so it doesn’t hit the 6 hour mark. I don’t really detract points for that though because companies often inflate the claims of their products.

One thing about the product that you will either love or hate is the scent. It is a sweet, chemical-y scent, reminiscent of kids’ makeup products from back in the day.

Overall, it’s a nice, comfortable gloss that I prefer to wear paired with a lip liner.


3 thoughts on “NEW Rimmel Oh My Gloss | Snog

    • bookaholicbeauty says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. My favourite lip liners for a neutral look are Annabelle Cosmetic’s Spice, and Makeup Forever’s 4c. They’re on the peachier side of the spectrum and really flattering on tan skin.


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