Hyaluronic Face Mask | The Face Shop 

This is going to be a short and sweet review because I only have positive thoughts regarding this product! I’ve used The Face Shop masks before with great results but I wanted to try the Hyaluronic one for the longest time because of my dehydrated skin, but it was quite often sold out.

Price: CAD 6.00

I finally managed to pick one up and used it the day before my first IMATS. The mask itself is a clear gel consistency (and it comes enveloped in plastic to keep its shape within the packet). It is quite a large size so it folded over in portions of my face, but once patted on it sticks in place.

Prior to application, I washed my face and then put on the mask, no moisturizer or serum beforehand. I left the mas on on for about 25 minutes and it slowly dried down, but it did not harden in an uncomfortable way. It just felt (to the touch) like the product had sunk into the skin. I then removed the mask and my skin felt plump and hydrated, especially to the touch. It still felt the same way the next morning. It was not greasy, just moisturizing and slightly cooling. I loved it and I’ll definitely be picking another one up!

To be honest I kinda want to try all their masks…and maybe start a series? The term Face Mask Friday does have a nice ring to it…


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