My Experience as an IMATS Model | Sian Richards | Sunday

I went to IMATS with the sole expectation of buying a shit ton of makeup and having a fabulously exhausting day. What I did not anticipate was getting the opportunity to be in a demonstration by Siân Richards!

This is how it all went down.

On Saturday, N and I were done with our shopping but were perusing the rest of the booths when we stopped by Yaby Cosmetics. I was swatching away when the lady next to me comes closer, puts a few swatches on my hand and says “oh those colours would look fabulous on your skin! Are you coming to IMATS tomorrow?”


“Can you come in tomorrow because I’d love for you to be my model for my demonstration”

At this point I’m a little befuddled but then the owner of the booth/Yaby Cosmetics asks whether I know who this lady is. And I don’t. She then informs me that it’s Siân Richards, Emmy-nominated for her work on the Bessie biopic on HBO and a Critics Choice Award winner for her work on Cloud Atlas, along with being the founder of The London Brush Company. Siân is an expert at changing – either deepening or lightening – an actor’s skin tone for films as you can see in the pictures below. At this point, the assent practically flew out of my mouth. I simply could not pass up the opportunity or the experience to see Siân work her magic.


Queen Latifah (also known as Queenie) as Bessie Smith in “Bessie”

Halle Berry as Jocasta Ayrs in “Cloud Atlas”

It all was a lot more spontaneous and unplanned than I thought it would be. Siân gave me an entrance pass for the next day (yay, no ticket!) and a time for me to be there and that was it. Thankfully, I remembered that all the models wore black, so I did too. I showed up right on time, met a couple of friends that was that – it was showtime.

Siân really has a wonderful stage presence, and a fabulous energy when talking to people. Very effervescent, I would say, so it was all I could do not to laugh at certain points.

This is the before and after! I’ve gotta admit – it’s not the best I’ve ever looked, what with all the dark circles and pigmentation issues, but the blending was so realistic that many other vendors thought that was my real skin! It was quite funny actually to see their faces when they realized that my neck and hands were nowhere near that colour.

Now for the obligatory selfie (which I will always treasure):

I also met one of my favourite MUAs on YouTube – Jordan Liberty! The man’s an editorial makeup genius (and yes, his eyes are just as blue in person). What a friendly guy, ’twas my first in person encounter of somebody I only knew from my computer/phone screen. And of course…I still had my makeup on when taking this photo. I took the makeup off afterwords – using 15 makeup wipes provided by Mehron. That still didn’t adequately remove it so I wandered around looking like death warmed over until I got home and used a little oil and my trusty Equate washcloths to do the job.

Siân was also such a sweetheart and gave me one of her Vegan Brush Shampoo in Clary Sage. I can’t wait to try it and let you know what I think! All in all, it was one hell of an awesome weekend. My new goodies will be talked about in the next post so you know what review to expect.


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