IMATS Toronto 2015 | Saturday

This was my first ever IMATS and I went on Saturday with my good friend N…and as circumstances would have it, I had the pleasure of going on Sunday as well! I’ll explain all of that in the next post. But first, here is my haul (and oh boy was I feelin’ spendy). Not to fear though, I did not exceed my budget so that’s guilt free shopping right there: 
If it’s your first time going, here are some tips:

  1. Come very early. At least an hour before doors are supposed to open
  2. Hit up the busiest booths first – namely (this time), Morphe, Makeup Forever & NYX
  3. Bring a small cross body back (or alternatively a backpack) because IMATS gives out the large bags to put your shopping in. You can also put your snacks in there. (I didn’t do that and then regretted it) 
  4. Speaking of snacks, bring a granola bar or sandwich and water
  5. Make a list of items you’d ideally like, along with regular prices so you know you’re getting a good deal at IMATS. (Some things, just as some Real Techniques items were more expensive than in stores)
  6. Make a budget and stick to it by paying in cash (better deals because of no US conversion or tax).

Speaking of deals, these were the ones I was most impressed with:

  1. Makeup Forever 40% off
  2. Benefit 35% off + buy 3 get 1 (cream shadow or lipstick) free
  3. Eye Kandy Cosmetics 3 glitters (plus brush, liquid sugar, etc) for $35 or 6 for $45
  4. Frends Beauty – deals and kits were very competitively priced; I was impressed

And now for the IMATS disappointments/irritations:

  1. Mac: they carried Pro-Only products! I mean come on, not even fix plus or the regular paint pots? What a let down, even if IMATS is mainly targeted towards professionals.
  2. Makeup Forever: the discount was amazing but the organization was horrendous. There was no line and the wait time between placing an order and paying for it reached about 2.5 hours. Ridiculous. It was significantly better on Sunday but by then they had sold out of some product.
  3. Nigel’s Beauty Emporium: this booth was such a bummer because their sales were not great. Furthermore, their website has so many brands but they only brought a few brands and just one or two things at that. No Sugarpill, Ben Nye, etc. Definitely ‘meh’ for my purposes.
  4. NYX: this wasn’t a terrible disappointment but I was not pleased that they did not bring their liquid suede lipsticks or all shades of their micro brow. They also ran out of items fairly quickly. And their line up was ridiculously long (and the discount was only minimal). Once again, simply meh.

N and I woke up at the ass crack of dawn in order to get our butts to the MTCC in a timely fashion (via the GO bus). We met 3 lovely ladies in line – Jillian (from Montreal), newly engaged Rezy and young, aspiring MUA Alyssa. If y’all are reading this, you girls made the wait a bit more bearable so thank you! The process to get into the hall was organized and quite speedy so I was impressed. The crowd for the first hour or so was also not that busy so it made for a very pleasant shopping experience. Then things got crazy! Long lines at Morphe (albeit an impressively organized one), MUFE and NYX.

Now that I’ve talked about the shopping, let’s move onto the other important portion of IMATS – the seminars and presentations. I happened to catch three and even be in one (but that’s a story for tomorrow).

Gregory Arlt – MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry

Sian Richard – Emmy Nominated MUA & founder of The London Brush Company

Jordan Liberty – MUA and YouTuber

I also got my nails done at the BioSeaweed Gel booth. N knew the founder’s daughter from uni so she got to say hi but I got a lovely gel manicure all for the IMATS special price of $10! I chose the a lovely brick-red colour called Hollywood and (something glittery that I can’t remember) as an accent nail. I’ve got to say that the quality is commendable because I’ve packed and moved boxes all week and not a nail is chipped.

It was a fantastic, and to top it off, when N and I left IMATS we found a little food festival/fair outside Union Station! So yummy in my tummy.

Stay tuned for part 2, and how I became an IMATS model!


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