NEW Too Faced Most Loved Set Pt.1 | Chocolate Soleil, Melted Fig & Shadow Insurance 

Damn, Christmas time is one of my favourite times of the year, but it is also one of the saddest for my wallet. Ever since the dawn of Instagram, we’ve been getting holiday release sneak peeks earlier and earlier causes me mental salivation over products.

The Most Loved Set however, was an unexpected find. I was browsing the Sephora app (as one does) and all of a sudden I saw it. I promptly purchased it the next day because I’ve been wanting to try Melted Fig for about a year now! Most of the time the colours in ‘favourites’ sets are a seriously unflattering nude for Indian skin tones so this made me happy. That was my draw to the set, but I was also keen to try all the rest of the products which were new to me (barring TFSI, which I’d tried before).

Too Faced did a great job in selecting these products, and I’m also quite impressed with the size of them. I’m pleased with what I got for the money I spent.

Price: CAD 32.00

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer


I was under the mistaken impression that because I have olive skin, I didn’t need to bronze. After watching countless YT tutorials I realized how wrong I was. I mean, it’s not a necessity and I’ve not joined the crazy contouring bandwagon but it just adds a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to the face – dimension and colour. Chocolate Soleil, first of all, smells frikkin’ delicious! What a yummy scent of cocoa. It also blends out very well, but be warned, it is relatively warm toned and so isn’t the most natural colour for intense contouring. Additionally, it is quite close to my skin tone and therefore only adds subtle definition. Overall, I like it, and it’s good for a bronzing newbie like me.

Melted Fig Lipstick

Love this colour. It is perfect for fall, as it’s a muted berry/purple pink shade. Well, I just did a splendid job of describing that didn’t I? The Melted formula is great – smooth, opaque and long lasting, and the tube format is pretty good too. The applicator is quite precise but make sure your lips are well exfoliated otherwise it has the potential to get gross. Melted Fig has a satin-matte finish, but it will transfer onto things (cups, etc). This doesn’t really fade the colour from the lips though, it just seems to set into a stain. Just one note is that it feels drying on the lips at the 4ish hour mark. That might be because I’m quite dehydrated in general though.

The stain left behind after a day’s wear

Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer 

I’ve used TFSI before, so this was not new to me. I really like this product, it definitely extends the vibrancy and the wear time of eyeshadows. One particular memory stands out where I’d gone clubbing, came back at 8 in the morning (European timing people) and my roommate commented on the untouched state of my eye makeup. She thought I’d reapplied! One drawback to this is that it separates after a while unfortunately. I really liked it, but I’m currently using Milani’s Eyeshadow Primer and I love that just as much so you can make up your mind as to whether this is a must have.

Part 2 will be coming soon once I’ve adequately given the other products a try!


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