They Said What?! | #1

I’ve decided to start a small series on the blog about my time in the world of retail. Ever heard the saying “kids say the darnedest things”? Well, customers do too! 

I’ll set the scene for ya. Two little old ladies come up to my register to cash out. One says to me, “oh I love your earrings!” 

“Thank you”, I respond. She continues “…but you usually see them on taller people. But you know, everybody has their taste.” 

At this point I’m standing there dumbfounded, thinking EX-CUUUUUUUSE ME, have I just been complimented and insulted at the same time? By golly, I was never informed that there was a height restriction on earrings (FYI these were long delicate angel wings). 

At least this little interaction brought laughter into peoples’ lives, because when I told one of my coworkers, she almost cried with laughter! Now we can all have it documented for posterity. 


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